Our Lady of the Rosary Family Catechism is an online video catechism course which provides children and their families with the unique opportunity to learn the timeless truths of the Catholic Faith according to the classic Baltimore Catechism.


  • to make the timeless truths of the Catholic Faith, as taught in the classic Baltimore Catechism, easily accessible to all children and families;
  • to invite all families to join the mission given by Our Lady of the Rosary at Fatima: to work for the salvation of souls by striving for holiness in our daily lives.

Drawing on the message of Our Blessed Mother and following the example of the three children at Fatima, Our Lady of the Rosary Family Catechism has been created for the whole family to deepen their knowledge of the Catholic Faith and encourage the daily living of the truths of our faith.

All children, younger and older, are encouraged to participate in the course. Adults, who may wish to learn the basic teachings of the Catholic Faith, are also invited to follow the course.

This course is truly a crusade of learning thoroughly the essentials of the Catholic Faith and is available for free.

Filled with beautiful sacred art and music, as well as the stories of countless miracles from the lives of the Saints, we hope this online video course will enable your family to learn more fully, and to internalise, the truths of the Catholic Faith, and help you in living more deeply the unchanging truths that God has revealed. For “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” (Heb. 13:8)

watch a message from h.e. bishop athanasius schneider


Baltimore Catechism Lesson 25: On Extreme Unction and Holy Orders 1 June 21
Baltimore Catechism Lesson 26: On Matrimony 8 June 21
Baltimore Catechism Lesson 27: On Sacramentals 15 June 21
Baltimore Catechism Lesson 28: On Prayer 22 June 21
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“I am so excited about the Catechism series with Fr. Pillari giving our children the treasure of the Baltimore Catechism in a format suited to busy parents and a method designed to ingrain the teachings of the Church in the minds and hearts of our little ones. What greater gift can there be in these days when the Faith is so little known and loved. May this offering of love, given freely and without cost, spark a renewal of the faith making soldiers for Christ in the years to come. This effort has been a work in honour of and in union with Our Lady of Fatima, and we pray that She may keep all these children and families brought to Her in Her Immaculate Heart.”

John-Henry Westen, Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of LifeSiteNews.com

Our Lady of the Rosary Family Catechism, brought to you by Voice of the Family, is designed to form children to grow in understanding of the saving truths of the Catholic faith by committing them to memory in the words of the classic Baltimore catechism. The truths of Catholic teaching are simply presented by a priest whose words and delivery exude the love of God. Fr Pillari’s crystal clear teaching is reinforced with wonderfully well-chosen sacred images and music. Parents with children of all ages – from young children to mature adults who may be struggling to believe – will feel greatly empowered by this series of 41 short videos which, with all the arts of the gifted film-maker, capture the viewers’ imagination, increase their knowledge, and deepen their faith in Catholic truth.”

John Smeaton, CEO of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

“In our society where children, in most cases, receive only disinformation, where their minds and hearts are easily corrupted by the internet and social media networks, Our Lady of the Rosary Family Catechism produced by Voice of the Family must be welcomed with great joy. Our Lord taught that children are the closest to the throne of God because of their innocence and simplicity. However, these gifts must be safeguarded; children must be protected from what could corrupt them and encouraged to grow in virtue by showing them the beauty of Truth and the strength of Good. This is what Fr Anthony Pillari does in this catechism course, making it a great gift for all souls but especially for children and their families.”

Virginia Coda Nunziante, President for the Italian March for Life

In 1917 the world was in serious crisis, plagued by war and sin. And so, God sent His holy Mother to Fatima, to three young children who were firmly rooted in the unchanging truths of the Catholic Faith to help Her in saving souls. They gave an unconditional yes, embracing a mission of holiness that would save countless souls. This mission given at Fatima remains critical in our own day.

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